Windows 10 can run reworked Android and iOS apps

iOS and Android developers will be able to port their apps and games directly to Windows universal apps, and Microsoft is enabling this with two new software development kits. On the Android side, Microsoft is enabling developers to use Java and C++ code on Windows 10, and for iOS developers they’ll be able to take advantage of their existing Objective C code.

Source: Huge news: Windows 10 can run reworked Android and iOS apps

Flickr: A New Take on an Instagram Alternative [Link]

Flickr: A New Take on an Instagram Alternative [Link]

Flickr Mobile Screenshot

Recently I dropped Instagram and started using my Tumblr account to post my pictures. It has worked out, but is still a bit awkward to use a separate app (Snapseed) to edit my pictures before posting. I used to use Flickr a lot and kind of stopped sometime last year when my membership was up for renewal and Instagram had become my app to post photos online.

Recent versions of the Flickr mobile app have added many features like photo editing, filters and social integration which makes it a very good Instagram replacement.

App.Storm has a great write-up on the app.

There was a bit of a ruckus in December when Instagram changed its Terms of Service and then changed them back. At the same time, Yahoo released an all-new Flickr app for iPhone that was clearly an Instagram competitor, but word on the street quickly grew and word was good: Flickr was a good competitor.

I’m still going to continue using Tumblr, but when it comes to posting photos it will be done through the Flickr app which allows me to post to Tumblr. App.Storm give the Flickr Mobile App a rating of 8 out 10.

Flickr’s filters make it a great alternative to Instagram and its social elements are great, but its real power lies in the power it gives professionals.

The App is available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone