Say goodbye to Safari on Windows

Safari 6 was made available with Mac OS X Mountain Lion and this version will not be available for Windows as it has in the past.

Not that it makes much of a difference since I’m sure Safari didn’t have much market share on windows.

Source: Safari for Windows discontinued?

Disable AirDrop in Mac OS X Lion

AirDrop allows you to share files with other computers which also have AirDrop installed using Wi-Fi (uses ad-hoc if not connected) or wired network.

AirDrop only is active and shares files when you have the option selected in the Finder window and will stop sharing as soon as you deselect it or close the Finder windows.

AirDrop Inactive
AirDrop Active

As you can see from the image the AirDrop Icon will change and give you visual feedback if it is running or not. The active icon is animated with a circular sweeping motion which reminds me of a sonar display.

AirDrop can be considered a security risk and can be completely disabled. If you wish to disable (or enable) open the Terminal Application (located under Applications/Utilities) and type in the following commands.

To disable:

defaults write DisableAirDrop -boolean YES

To enable:

defaults write DisableAirDrop -boolean NO

You will need to Restart, Log out and back in or relaunch the Finder from the Force Quit application (from the Apple menu or Opt+Cmd+Esc). Once disabled the option will be removed from the Finder side bar.

Desktop icons disappeared after OS X Lion Upgrade

Just upgraded to OS X Lion and right after the initial boot all of my icons on my desktop were gone and I wasn’t able to right-click (option+click).

I tried removing my and form ~\Library\Preferences as well as ~\Library\caches with no luck.

Finally, opening the Terminal app and running defaults write CreateDesktop -bool true and Relaunching Finder from the Force Quit menu (under the apple logo in the menu bar) restored my desktop.

If you’re having the same issue, I’m not sure if removing the plist files from my Preferences folder helped, but I would try running the defaults command first to see if it solves your problem.

The Boxed Mono of Doom

Few important announcements today in the Open Source world. I’m pretty exited by all of them and feel like I need to start doing more code for fun and not just code for work.

First, Zenimax the company that acquired id Software will be releasing the source-code for Doom 3 later on this year. Should start getting some cool games based on the Doom 3 engine soon after the code release.

Next, Xamarin (the company which is now developing Mono) has released Mono 2.10.3 which makes it the first official release of Mono under Xamarin. This release includes support for MacOS X Lion (Mono and Gtk+). There is also a MonoMac add-in for MonoDevelop update which fixes Lion issues.

Finally, Dotan J. Nahum (jondot on GitHub) has released packs an open source implementation of BoxJS, BoxCSS and Boxresizer. All of which are mountable as Rack apps inside Rails or as stand-alone apps. It is also fully compatible with Heroku.

If you’re a developer (especially an FOSS developer) you now have a few new toys to play with.