Comodo Firewall crashes Chrome

Recently started using Windows again since installing Windows 10 while my iMac is still my primary machine I’m trying to make my Windows machine as familiar as I can.

I’m a big fan of Little Snitch on OS X and decided to install Comodo Firewall as an alternative to Little Snitch on Windows. The software isn’t bad, but after installing it Google Chrome started crashing as soon as it would launch. After a quick search I found this thread on the Comodo support forum which recommends adding chrome.exe to HIPS Detect Shellcode injections Exclusion list.

Here are the steps to add chrome.exe to the exclusion list:

Right-click on Comodo Firewall Taskbar icon and select HIPS -> Settings

HIPS Settings menu

Under Settings Click the Exclusions option

HIPS Settings Exclusions

Click on Add and select Files

HIPS Settings Add Files

Look for chrome.exe under C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe and click open

HIPS Settings open clhrome.exe

Once chrome.exe has been added to the exclusion list click OK and you should be able to run Google Chrome without having it crash on you.

HIPS Settings chrome exclusion