Four hours wasted thanks to Drupal

Well, I thought I would give Drupal a try since I’ve been playing around with DrupalGardens and it seems to work nicely the way they have it set up.

First of all, I used the export option which tar.gz’s up the whole install (including modules and themes) and a SQL file to import into your database. This is a nice option, I was able to have a clone up on my host within a short time. The problems started to pop up once I tried to use the damn thing and most of them had to do with presentation. So, after four hours or so I’ve decided to remove Drupal and re-install WordPress.

You might be asking yourself (probably not), why would I drop WordPress (after just moving from Blogger) to use Drupal. Well, Drupal is supposed to be a better CMS than WordPress, but it and I just don’t click well. I guess I need to start looking at using WordPress as a CMS.

UPDATE 2011-06-09: I’ve some really good docs and presentations on Drupal 7 and hope to get a better idea on how to use it. I’m probably leaving this site as is, but will be launching a new site in the near future. I’ll make sure to post on Drupal once I launch the site.