BitLocker failure resuming from hibernation

This article refers to the HP Folio 12-2000 running Windows 7 with BitLocker.

Resuming the Folio 13 from hibernation will result in BitLocker detecting a change in the system boot information and asking for the recovery key.

Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption Information

The system boot information has changed since BitLocker was enabled.

You must supply a BitLocker recovery password to start this system.

Confirm that the boot changes to this system are authorized.

If the changes to the boot system are trusted, then disable and re-enable BitLocker. This will reset BitLocker to use the new boot information.

Otherwise, restore the system boot information.


I have found a workaround by disabling the “Internal network device boot” option within the BIOS. I informed HP about the issue and the workaround and was told that they had previously received a report of this issue and their engineers are working on a fix that will probably require a BIOS update.

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