Wallpaper: PROWL



Wallpaper: PROWL by ekud

You can download the full size wallpaper from ekud’s deviantArt page. Make sure to stop by his gallery.

Starting today, Thursday’s will be Wallpaper day and I plan to focus mainly on deviantArt artists to showcase some of their work and hopefully you’ll enjoy browsing their galleries as much as I do.

Fairy Tail – Natsu [Wallpaper]


Fairy Tail – Natsu WP by AquanaPlaysElsword

Fairy Tail is currently one of my favorite Manga’s and Natsu is number one in my top manga characters. The latest story arc in the series is amazing and it seems like it’s drawing close to the end.

This amazing piece is by deiviantArt user AquanaPlaysElsword. Make sure to check out her gallery.

The First Kenpachi [Wallpaper]

The First Kenpachi by *NanFe

The First Kenpachi by NanFe

The last chapter of Bleach (523) by Tite Kube set up an amazing battle to come between the First Kenpachi (Retsu Unohana) and the Current Kenpachi (Kenpachi Zaraki).

This amazing piece is by deiviantArt user NanFe. Make sure to check out her gallery of 332 deviations.

The Anger Held In Her Chest [Wallpaper]


The Anger Held In Her Chest by Nanohikakou

I just happened to come across the amazing gallery of Nanohikakou. If you like this wallpaper make sure to check out the deviantART page and gallery.

Original Character by Nanohikakou created using Pen + water colors + Photoshop CS3

Firefox [Wallpaper]


Though I would add this wallpaper due to the release of Firefox 18. The latest and greatest includes several new features including:

  • Faster JavaScript performance via IonMonkey compiler
  • Support for Retina Display on OS X 10.7 and up
  • Preliminary support for WebRTC

For the complete list of “What’s New” and “Known Issues” check out the release notes. Go here to download the latest release.

Today’s wallpaper is brought to you via wallbase.