Mypaint 1.1 – A guide through the new features

→ Mypaint 1.1 – A guide through the new features

At the very end of 2012, the code of the famous free and open-source digital-painting program Mypaint 1.1 was released. If you still using Mypaint 1.0 , you might be interested to see what happened into this one year of change. For reading an excellent review about it , please read the very cool and full article wrote by Alexandre Prokoudine on Libre Graphic World , he also made a cool video.

This is one of those apps I always install and just never have time to really get good at. MyPaint is a must if you are interested in digital painting or as a free and great alternative to PaintTool SAI.

Here are a few screenshots of the new features. Make sure to follow the link to see all of the new features with screenshots.


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