Jetpack update breaks WordPress 3.5

→ Jetpack update breaks WordPress 3.5


Jetpack, the popular stats plugin for WordPress, has released several updates recently. The latest, which came yesterday, January 6th, brought an unwelcome gift for those who have upgraded to the recent WordPress 3.5 platform. The latest version of Jetpack, 2.1.1, disables some key functionality within WordPress — namely the ability to add media.

It seems that uninstalling Jetpack is not enough and you will be required to re-install WordPress 3.5. It doesn’t look like it affects all installs since I’m using both version without any issues (that I’ve noticed). If you haven’t updated you might want to wait a bit, just in case. Follow this link above for the full Report.

2 thoughts on “Jetpack update breaks WordPress 3.5”

  1. I’m also having problems, it was all working beautifully until today when I updated some plugins and now banging my head on keyboard!

    1 add media button doesn’t do anything on click.
    2 on clicking my images are now loading from wordpress’s website, the gallery carousel had totally stopped working. inspite my disabling Photon.

    I disabled and deleted Jetpack and everything was back to normal but I love the tiled galleries and so reinstalled. and it all broke again.

    In the JetPack admin I disconnected it from WordPress and now my “add media” button works again and my images are being served by my own website again but gallery carousel is still broken.

    Not sure just how many plugins I updated or how which they are. I disabled and then deleted my cache plugin so it’s not that either.

    here is my website as you can see it is very image heavy an relies extensively on galleries.

    1. Christopher Finke posted the following comment on the original ghacks article

      Every report of breakage in 3.5 so far has been traced back to another plugin doing something it shouldn’t, like manually loading old versions of jQuery libaries.

      In the paulbienkowski thread alone, three different plugins (CevherLike Facebook Like Popup Plugin, Simple Slideshow, and Find Me Elsewhere) were found to be responsible for the breakage, not Jetpack.

      He also mentions to report issues in the support forum

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