Arch Linux 2012.10.06 Release

Arch Linux 2012.10.06 was announced on October 7th and it seems that I missed the 2012.09.07 release which was announced on September 8th and the 2012.08.04 release announced on August 4th. As with all releases the live system can be used for new installs or as a rescue system.

Here’s a rundown of what was added since 2012.07.15:

  • 2012.08.04
    • GRUB 2.0 instead of the legacy 0.9 version
    • The Installation Guide can be found at /root/install.txt
    • ZSH is used as interactive shell and includes completion support for pacstrap, arch-chroot, pacman and most other tools
    • The network daemon is started by default which will automatically setup your network if DHCP is available
  • 2012.09.07
    • First medium with Linux 3.5 (3.5.3)
    • The script boot parameter works again
    • When booting via PXE and NFS or NBD the ISO will be copied to RAM
    • The live medium contains usb_modeswitch and wvdial which allows to establish a network connection using a UMTS USB dongle
    • The newest versions of initscriptssystemd and netcfg are included
  • 2012.10.06
    • systemd is used to boot up the live system
    • initscripts are no longer available on the live system, but are still installed by default on the target system
    • EFI boot and setup has been simplified
    • gummiboot is used to display a menu on EFI systems
    • New packages are available on the live system: ethtool, fsarchiver, gummiboot-efi, mc, partclone, partimage, refind-efi, rfkill, sudo, testdisk, wget, xl2tpd

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