Damn Small Linux is back

It has been four years since the last release of Damn Small Linux (DSL 4.4). On August 3rd John Andrews announced Release Candidate for DSL 4.11 which include the following improvements and additions:


  • Updated JWM
  • Updated Dillo
  • Added xChat
  • Added sic IRC client
  • Added XCalc-color
  • Removed flminical
  • Removed gphone
  • Removed naim/nicq/nirc


  • Switching between JWM and Fluxbox does not require restarting X
  • Bug Fixes
  • Themes and Menus

The ISO weighs in at 50.6 MB which is less than a MB increase compared to the 49.7 MB of version 4.4. The Linux kernel is at 2.4.31 which was upgraded from 2.4.26 in version 4.0. And as John mentions in the announcement “obviously this release will not work with the latest hardware technology”.



One thought on “Damn Small Linux is back

  1. Eduard

    I installed Damn Small Linux 4.11RC2 in a Compaq Presario 2292.
    I am now using this computer as a web server!

    I wrote some tips and tricks on how to install Damn Small Linux 4.11RC2 and use it as a web server, that you can find in:


    This link will be served by the Compaq Presario 2292, so you can check how well it’s working!!!


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