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Since I got my Kindle (Kindle 3) I’ve been using Readability to send articles and post from the sites I frequent over to my kindle. Readability is a great product similar to Instapaper and Read it Later, but it adds a few features specific for Kindle users.

Readability converts web page into a clean and distraction free reading content. At the moment it has extensions for Chrome and Firefox (Bookmarklet can be used for other browsers) and a great mobile web app for iOS and Android browsers. iOS and Android apps are in the works.

On January 10th Readability announced that it was now a free service (before that you would only get your last 30 entries for free) which is great for those who wish to use it as a filing cabinet for articles.

Readability Extension

The Readability extension gives you three options: 1) Read Now, 2) Read Later, or 3) Send to Kindle. Option 1 and 2 will send to output to your reading list on  with option 1 giving you the Readability version of the article immediately. Option 3 work pretty much like Read Later but will send the output the your kindle email address. I prefer to use option 2 and have set up Readability to send me a digest of all my articles at 4 a.m. which is set up like a periodical subscription which is replaced each day. The digest includes a neat table of contents on you Kindle so you can browse through your saved items.

Here is what an article would look like after being sent to

Original Article
After Processed by Readability

Here is a short video on what Readability is:

Readability — Read comfortably anytime, anywhere. from Arc90 on Vimeo.

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