Hello world!

I’ve decided to move back to WordPress after playing around with Blogger for some time. Blogger is a great platform for a simple blog and Analytics and Adsense integration, but in the end I ended up missing many of the features in WordPress. I probably would have been fine if I would have just started out with Blogger instead of moving from WordPress.

Anyway, I will be leaving all of my previous posts on Blogger and will be starting fresh with WordPress. I will however update my Blogger template to mention that the my blog has moved back to http://siliconchaos.com from http://siliconchaos.blogspot.com

I did find a few articles on how to migrate from Blogger to WordPress and in order to have search engines update correctly with the new address it involved setting up custom domain setting on Blogger and some .htaccess magic. It didn’t seem very complicated, but I think it would have just given me a headache which I’d rather not have.

It’ll probably be a few days before I start posting again while I get Analytics, Adsense and probably a custom theme setup.