Four hours wasted thanks to Drupal

Well, I thought I would give Drupal a try since I’ve been playing around with DrupalGardens and it seems to work nicely the way they have it set up.

First of all, I used the export option which tar.gz’s up the whole install (including modules and themes) and a SQL file to import into your database. This is a nice option, I was able to have a clone up on my host within a short time. The problems started to pop up once I tried to use the damn thing and most of them had to do with presentation. So, after four hours or so I’ve decided to remove Drupal and re-install WordPress.

You might be asking yourself (probably not), why would I drop WordPress (after just moving from Blogger) to use Drupal. Well, Drupal is supposed to be a better CMS than WordPress, but it and I just don’t click well. I guess I need to start looking at using WordPress as a CMS.

UPDATE 2011-06-09: I’ve some really good docs and presentations on Drupal 7 and hope to get a better idea on how to use it. I’m probably leaving this site as is, but will be launching a new site in the near future. I’ll make sure to post on Drupal once I launch the site.

2 thoughts on “Four hours wasted thanks to Drupal”

    1. Never been a big fan of Joomla. Working on some custom templates, also not a big fan of downloaded templates, they really mess up your SEO. If you’re using templates from 3rd parties make sure to scan all of the code for embedded URL’s and meta tags that will kill your page ranks. Try to learn the template layouts and code for the CMS you’re using and build your own unless you really don’t care promoting stuff for other people (if you’re lucky that’s all they’re doing).

      Was trying to get away from coding my own sites, but unless it’s a blog my home grown custom site framework is way better than any other bloated CMS’s out there. Don’t get me wrong, they all serve a purpose which usually involves large community sites. Most of these are usually misused.

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